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Shadows w/ Briana Lee Video

MP4 1920×1080 and MP4 1280×720 3:14 minutes You saw the photoset and video.. here’s another clip where my girlfriend Briana Lee joins me in the Shadows. XOXO
by Masuimi Max


Love Spell Video

MP4 1920×1080 and MP4 1280×720 3:35 minutes Here is the video to accompany the Love Spell photoset, enjoy!
by Masuimi Max



Love Spell w/ Briana Lee

There are 58 glorious photos in this setup shot by Morat, with gorgeous adult performer Briana Lee! I love it when Briana comes to town, we get to catch up.. and create beautiful erotic art together! Stay tuned for the video clip!
by Masuimi Max


Howdy Partner!

It is so good to be home! I had a lot of fun the last few weeks, or should I say month? In my last diary entry I mention being in Vancouver for the 4 day fetish weekend event, and LA for the photoshoot with Pinup Girl Clothing....
by Masuimi Max



Shadows Video

MP4 1920×1080 MP4 1280×720 3:08 minutes We filmed and photographed this setup with natural light, without extra lighting.. and you can really see how golden my skin looks in this video! And you can see my bottom in all its gl...
by Masuimi Max