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Some Stuff

Birds are flying sideways in Vegas today.. it’s so windy and we have a proper thunderstorm with black clouds and a nice cold chill to the air. It’s hard to believe THIS is Vegas, if feels like Portland, and it rains...
by Masuimi Max


Video Chat

Well hello there! :-* I hope you can join me in my Video Chat, today at 6pm Pacific Time. I have so much to tell you! XOXO, Masuimi P.S. My Stephen King shirt was a gift from Torture Couture, and those beautiful candles are fro...
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Pinup Girl Anniversary Lookbook

I’ve been dying to put these up! Can you believe I’ve been Pinup Girl’s Spokesmodel for 10 years? It’s been great watching the company grow and seeing their designs evolve throughout the years. They’ve...
by Masuimi Max

Gratuitous booty in the hotel bath shot

Montreal Candids

Well hello there! I’m finally caught up on tons of work.. and I even managed to organize some of my wardrobe. It’s getting out of hand, and it’s about to get scarier! I just got an offer I couldn’t refu...
by Masuimi Max


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After The Night w/ Briana Lee

MP4 1920×1080 MP4 1280×720 Remember the beautiful Briana Lee? Here’s a video we did last time we saw each other! Oh my goodness.. the last few days have been madness! I’ve been planning some big shoots and I have ...
by Masuimi Max