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Pepe Le Pew w/ Malice

49 photos by Morat “This little love bundle. Now she is seeking for us a trysting place. Touching, is it not? Come, my little peanut of brittle. I will help you. Wait for me. Wait.” – Pepe Le Pew THIS WAS SO M...
by Masuimi Max


Vancouver Fetish Weekend

Morat and I are going to Canada today for the Vancouver Fetish Weekend 4 day event. I’m performing on Friday and Saturday (22nd-23rd), and we have been invited for a fetish cruise on Sunday (24th). I’ve never been o...
by Masuimi Max



Black Cat

78 photos by Morat It was so great to collaborate with Purrfect Pineapples again, I love Erika’s lingerie and corset designs.. they are so cute! In this set I take cute to another level, and I get a bit naughty!
by Masuimi Max


The Latest

Hi guys! Some nerd stuff! I have reorganized the menus, and added a new page called Social Feed. The top menu pertains to site activity, your profile, membership details, friends, notices, etc. The middle menu is for Members co...
by Masuimi Max



Close Encounters w/ Jenevieve Hexxx

30 photos by Morat “Most books on witchcraft will tell you that witches work naked. This is because most books on witchcraft were written by men.” ― Neil Gaiman Love that quote! 😉 This is the last set shot from...
by Masuimi Max