Boobs Not Bombs Art Contest


 Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for your submissions! I have my eye on which one I want to win.. but it’s up to you and your friends! The voting begins today and ends December 12th, which is 14 days from now!

  1. 1st prize is a one year membership to my site, signed photo, stickers and 2 shirts! (Shirt featuring artwork by Marco Benton and of course the BOOBS NOT BOMBS winning artwork!)
  2. 2nd prize is a one month membership to my site, signed photo and stickers
  3. 3rd prize is a one week membership to my site and a signed photo

xoxo, Masuimi Max

Don’t forget to use this link to share your artwork with the world!

P.S. Top posters for October, I sent your photos out today! Sorry for the delay! xoxo