Happy Chant


Hi guys!

A lot of big things have been going on, good, bad, and frustrating.

How about some good news before I rant about stuff that angers me? 😀

I can’t wait for June! I get to see my awesome New York friends, and perform for the SMACK! fetish marathon event. My travels continue over to the following month, July, where I get to see my Vancouver friends, and perform for their Fetish marathon.. which includes a FETISH CRUISE. I get three days in a row of pure fetish fun, both months! In the meantime.. a little birdie told me the venue I am performing at for Halloween is at the Hard Rock in Vegas (Vegas, as it should be). I’ve got so much to do, in between making a lot of my own costumes and working on my makeup line and websites.. so naturally.. I’m looking for an assistant!


I am fucking sick and tired of working hard on shit, only to be under-appreciated. A LOT of people have no idea about webdesign, and how much work and time goes into it. EVEN templates have to be configured. Do people think you just install a template and voila! It automatically inserts your images, text, content, photos, etc? I helped someone with their site, by help I mean I got them a premium SHORT domain name, hosting, and designed the fucker. Then, after hours, days, and weeks of working on it.. do I get a thank you? No. I got – Oh, just scratch the idea.

I’m trying really hard to not let this bother me. I keep reminding myself that this was a learning lesson in two ways; Never expect appreciation from someone that doesn’t understand the complexity of what I do.. and, on the bright side, I got to warm up before diving into redoing Morat’s website. At least Morat shows genuine appreciation for what I do for him. Not everyone has that, so I have a lot to be thankful for.

I actually just finished writing a really long blog, about 4,000 words about a certain someone that almost destroyed my best friends clothing company. I was going to include it here, but I have so much more to add, and I want to check with Laura before I go public about some information. Once I’m done, it will be posted publicly.

In the meantime, I have to get ready for my photoshoot with Morat tomorrow.. I’m doing a few sets with my girlfriend Natasha Nebula, and a bunch of solo stuff and video. I have some new wigs.. a long dark one with bangs and a wavy one with long bangs.. going to do some soft and sexy hair after one set with the mohawk!

Check back, I may be able to broadcast the shoot tomorrow to my Video Chat.


P.S. I’m uploading some candids here after I have some dinner!!! BRB