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Hi guys!

Some nerd stuff!
I have reorganized the menus, and added a new page called Social Feed.

The top menu pertains to site activity, your profile, membership details, friends, notices, etc. The middle menu is for Members content, and the 3rd menu bar is stuff everyone can see. I still need to adjust the menu in the Vault to match the blog.

The new Social Feed is pretty cool.. it allows you to see what I post on facebook, instagram and twitter without leaving my site! I’m going to try to get it to allow you to like and post comments, but that will have to wait for now.

Today, I’m preparing updates for the site, and working on my new show costume and prop. Tomorrow will be spent finishing up whatever I don’t get done today, and packing for my trip to Vancouver.

More details soon!
Stay tuned for tomorrows update, going up at midnight tonight (PT)

Featured photo: Just a selfie, playing with natural light from some window blinds.