Pinup Girl Clothing Tiki Shoot



106 photos

I’m truly excited to share these pics with you! Morat and I were wiped out after our Vancouver trip.. it was a 4 day and night event, and we were hoping to get a little rest before our next trip.. but we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of this amazing tiki lookbook shoot for Pinup Girl Clothing. We flew back home for a day, unpacked and repacked for LA, and away we went! We flew in the day of the shoot, then sat in a car for two hours.. we got to the shoot location around 1pm. It was perfect timing, I did a few looks with the Jason Tidwell, the other photographer, while Morat set up.. and it was an absolute pleasure to have my hair done by Miss Rockabilly Ruby, she’s so talented and quick!

I hope you like these shots by Morat, I’m sure Jason’s pics will be up soon!

Fire fans courtesy of Trick Concepts.