Howdy Partner!


It is so good to be home! I had a lot of fun the last few weeks, or should I say month?

In my last diary entry I mention being in Vancouver for the 4 day fetish weekend event, and LA for the photoshoot with Pinup Girl Clothing. Well.. here’s what happened since then!

We had a few days home, and I spent most of my time catching up on emails and other work. I like things really tidy, and usually spend an entire day cleaning.. the house, my clothes, latex, suitcases.. and I ignore my phone. Cleaning, and ignoring your phone and computer can be very soothing!

I think we were home for about a week before we went to Sacramento. I performed at the Blue Lamp to celebrate Shannon Brooke’s book launch “Girls” with some fun burlesque. We flew in the same day of the event – go, go, go!

Shannon and I took the next day off, then shot the following day. We also woke up really early the next day to shoot during sunrise, just before going to the airport, back to Vegas!

We had a whole week at home, then we went to Chicago. To follow tradition, I performed the night we got there, and then the next 2 nights.. 3 nights in a row! They were late night events, we got back to our hotel room around 3am every night. I also did a signing and photo opp at Wizard Con during the day.

We flew back to Vegas Sunday the 21st. Morat went straight to the Slipknot show, I stayed at home. I had to wash extensions, clothes, makeup brushes, and prepare stuff for my shoot the following day. Yep, I had a photoshoot the very next day!

Chrissy from Dollhouse Photography is in town, and I had the pleasure of shooting with her yesterday and today. We did some stuff by the pool at the Rio hotel and casino, then we headed over to Nelson Ghost Town. It is such a spectacular sight, like something out of an old western movie, but with strange knickknacks like alien skulls and shelves lined with jars full of miniature aliens. Think Men in Black II. LOL

Shooting in the pool at the Rio was a lot of fun, the weather was perfect, the water almost warm.. it was busy but people moved out of the way while we shot. It was really nice of them.

Our shoot on the second day (today) was in a studio. I’m so glad we had 2 days of shooting, I don’t get to see Chrissy that often since she lives in Birmingham, England!

I am tired.. but I really want to share these phone pics and candid videos before I head on over to dreamland..

But wait, there’s more! But you’ll have to go to my snapchat! I filmed them sideways and they get all stretched out here! Also, here are the dropbox links.. get them before I delete them!
Airport eye raising | Goofy Madonna impersonation