Teal Glow w/ Briana Lee



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77 photos by Morat

I love shooting with my girlfriend Briana Lee, she is simply exquisite. Briana is planning another trip to Vegas soon.. any special requests?

Also.. I’m sorry I’ve been missing in action, I have not had time to edit or post here due to unpacking the final load of boxes from moving, and building shelves. Oh, and I had minor toe surgery!

There are about to be some changes on the site.. giveaways are being switched over to a points system, where points are worth money and you can spend them at my site and shop. The points will also roll over to the next month if you don’t use them. This is going to be a great upgrade for my loyal members, much better than the way I have it now.

When I am making the changes, Gold and Platinum members will have direct access to the Vault while I work on the rest of the site.. that way you will still receive the content you paid for!

Tell me, what have you been up to?

XOXO, Masuimi