Black Widow vs Human Fly


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50 photos: Morat | edits: EIP Graphics

Here are the promo shots for my Black Widow vs Human Fly show, shot by Morat on my actual show day! I will be selecting around 10 images to feature on my Shows page, perhaps you can help me out by voting for your favorite ones.

The costume consists of a latex bra from Cinched Tight, 18″ corset from Polymorph (thank you Idelsy Love), latex holsters by Violaceous, and 4 pairs of ballet boots from Devious.

My spider chair has been revamped from the version I introduced back in 2010, it is now motorized.. and can go up to 12 miles an hour! Not that I’d be going that fast on stage, it’s just really cool how powerful it is! Madd Anthony helped me with a lot of the mods, as he has the tools and now how to make all of my requests come true! We have a few more things we will be adding to the chair, if you can believe it!

I will also be making appearances at events with my spider chair, and my next event will be NAMM with Coffin Case in January 19-22, 2017! It’s been a long time since I’ve worked with them, I miss how much fun we had.. it’s going to be great to reconnect with them!