Bad Max


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9 photos: Morat | bodysuit: Peepshow Clothing | shoes: Hades Footwear | makeup and hair: Jen Fregozo

Hi! Things have been hectic this month.. been catching up on stuff at home, emails, work in general. If you’re getting impatient for some new content, hang in there.. I’m about to flood the site this coming week with new photos and videos! I always make up for my absence. 😉

This photoset was taken at Adam Chilson’s house, home of Wasteland, in Hesperia, California. So badass! I envy his land and Mad Max style cars and trucks!

In other news, did you notice the notifications at the top of the site? You can now see how many messages you have! I’m also finishing up a new site design for my friend, it’s going to be a surprise! I’ll share with you after I’m finished.

Also, take a look at the forums, REAL TALK has been updated.