There’s a lot more to being self employed than meets the eye


Today has been a hectic day.. not bad per se – but I’ve been juggling a few things all at once and it has me going in sort of a frenzy.
When Cameron Mouat posted the link to his Lemmy feature on his site, the amount of traffic we received all at once crashed ALL of our sites, as they are hosted on the same server. Being the webmaster of several sites, this had me in a panic at first. It took a few hours to resolve the issue, and although it’s scary when all of your sites go down it’s also really sweet to know that so many people cared for our Lemmy. <3
Aside from that, I’ve been working on corporation stuff, closing our LA businesses and and opening our new businesses in Vegas. There are a lot of forms and the steps were quite confusing at first, but luckily we have our CPA on top of everything, and he gave us a discount on the dissolution process.
I think everyone is back to work today, after being off during the holidays, because I had a surge of work related emails, and a few support requests have been dealt with.. like my facebook page (yay)! Which also meant changing urls on all of my sites, and updating API info for plugins I’m using. I’m still working on a few issues with facebook, like changing Morat Photography to something more suitable to reflect his writing work too, and I found some facebook bugs that they are looking into.
I also took all of my domain names off of “Private Registration” as I recently found out that the business that provides that service technically OWNS your domain name (which also includes your website), because the contact info listed on WHOIS is legally recognized as the owner. This meant listing our home address publicly, temporarily. We just setup our PO box and I’m in the process of switching everything over.. which is a pain in the ass because you don’t realize how many things you need to update until you have to update that info. We also needed the PO box for our new corporations. Next, we are going to the bank tomorrow to setup the new bank accounts.. but we can’t close the old ones until all of our automatic payments, wire transfers, and bill pay info has been updated to the new accounts. This is a pain in the butt.
I’ve also been going back and forth with manufacturers for some new products I’m working on for I Am Sin.. for some reason it has taken several months to just get a quote, but I found if I email every single day (which I started doing recently) I will get a response within a week. You’d think asking someone how much something costs would get you a quicker reply, but that’s not how it works. Sometimes I have to wait a month before they tell me that my request can not be completed and I have to change something with the design. Then, I present the changes required.. and then I have to wait again. There is a lot of wait, wait, wait, we’re closed for a week for Halloween, wait, wait, wait, we’re closed for a week for Thanksgiving, wait, wait, wait, we’re closed for a week and a half for Christmas, wait, wait, wait, we’re closed for New Years, wait, wait, wait, we’re closed for a month for Chinese New Year.. I’ve decided the only way to deal with this is be as annoying as possible. After almost a year, I have finally received the quotes I need to move forward. Thankfully my business partner has been patient and understanding with me.
On top of that, we are moving on January 2nd.. yes, again. Due to a bad ceiling leak and noisy neighbors above us. The good news is that we will be in the top unit, which means no one above us! Morat’s been on the phone all day switching things over, and I’ve been sorting out our moving strategy, and a service to help us move. We currently live on the second floor, and will be moving to the 3rd floor, but in another building.. that means moving all of our stuff down two flights of stairs, and back up 3 flights of stairs. I’m looking at the positive and will consider this a great workout, lol!
Needless to say, I’m still in my onesie pajamas, and I will have to reschedule my photoshoot as Aeon Flux for tomorrow. I can not just switch from paperwork, technical work, business stuff and go straight into the artistic stuff. I need to go back to sleep, and start over, lol!
– Love Masuimi