New Ink, New Hair


Hi Guys!

I regret not being on the site as much as I’d like, but it’s all for good reason. I am getting all new tattoo work on both of my arms, and recently moved into a new apartment, TOP floor with a much better view of the Vegas strip!

I am afraid I over exerted myself with the DIY move, with fresh tattoo work, both arms are very swollen, and punishing me with some intense pain.

I should be better soon, just in time to shoot a bunch of new lingerie and latex, and you know I always make up for my absence! I think I also have a video clip I can upload in a bit.

If anyone would like to buy me lunch today so I don’t have to cook, you can send me a tribute to my paypal; 😉

Here are some pics.. today is a NO makeup day while I recover!

The final product of my new sleeves will be a fluid design, lace work and flowers will fill in the blanks and blend all the tattoos together. We will start on my back in February. I love my tattoo artist, Cassie Dickman from West Coast Tattoo Parlor.. I’m her new webmaster too! I’ll be doing a new website for her as soon as I’m healed up!

Full descriptions and explanations for the new tattoo work will be posted soon!

XOXO, Masuimi