Arachna The Spider Queen


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29 photos: Morat | collar and neck piece: Videnoir Couture | jeweled glove: Lory Sun Artistry | earrings: Ceci Punch Designs | corset: Bibian Blue | smoke: Enola Gaye

We shot this the day before yesterday.. and it came out just the way I imagined it! This was a guerilla shoot, we found a really cool spot in the desert by an abandoned mine, a little ways from the road, away from public view.. or so we thought!

Towards the very end of our shoot a cop showed up! When we saw him pull over next to Anthony’s van we panicked! I jumped off the spider chair, sank into the dirt with my ballet boots on, threw a robe on – while Morat ran to the van to hide his camera and Anthony grabbed the chair to shove it in the back of the van. All for nothing, the cop was actually really nice, and already standing next to the van, lol! The reason for the panic is in California you have to have a permit to shoot ANYWHERE, even if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, and the permits are very expensive. Even hotels charged extra if you were going to shoot in them. That’s partly why most tv shows and movies are now filmed in Vancouver – Cali got greedy. I wasn’t sure what the procedure was for Nevada, so I just reacted like a dog that had been beat too much. The cop was so funny, he said he got a call from the station saying that people were calling in to report a giant spider in the desert, surrounded by 3 guys, somewhere by the mines. If I was him I wouldn’t have taken that call, lol!