Florida Heat


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30 photos | bodysuit: Black Sheep Latex | 9″ heels: Bedheels | earrings: Ceci Punch | necklace: Crystal Minx

We shot this a couple of weeks ago when we were in Florida for the Fetish Factory event I was performing at. This is our friends Glenn and Donna’s backyard; they are the owners/promoters for Fetish Factory, and their backyard is an animal rescue reserve that is home to a ton of raccoons, 2 tortoises, one of them a giant big one, kudamundi, possums, a giant rabbit, 2 cats, and whatever else that lives in their forest. I love staying there, it’s beautiful and you really feel at one with nature. It got a little too close while we were shooting and noticed all of the huge banana spiders that were only a few inches from our heads, especially since you can’t run when you have to with those 9″ heels, ha ha! There were also these little scary fuckers that looked like they were wearing biker jackets with spikes and a skull on their back! We had to walk with a broomstick facing outwards, swaying back and forth to clear the path.

So.. I hope you enjoy these pics! They were taken in the heat of the day, during a storm too.. look at all that sweat!