Tree Nymph


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42 photos: Morat
location: Wahiawa Botanical Garden

When I was 15 I ran away from home and tried to live in the forest. I wanted to get as far away from my abusive controlling father as possible. So I packed up my skateboard and a small bag and bought a greyhound bus ticket from Vegas to Seattle with a friend from highschool. When we got there we went to Tacoma and Gig Harbour, where we stayed with a friends parents in a cabin in the woods. My journey for freedom included chopping off my hair and throwing it into the ocean. This was a symbolic thing to do because my father always told me if I cut my hair I’d go to hell, not to mention the beating I’d receive from him to send me there. My friends there used to call me “Moss” and “Rain” because I used to dance naked in the forest and in the rain.. and they had trouble pronouncing my name 🤣

Fast forward.. I’m now 40 and I still dance naked in the forest!