Top Posters June


How was your weekend?

I relaxed a bit, but still haven’t visited the pool. I’m definitely going to sometime this month, damn it! LOL

Here are our TOP POSTERS for last month!
Thanks so much everyone!

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  1. jerzeeruby Top Commentator Award jerzeeruby (32)
  2. lester Top Commentator Award lester (14)
  3. Pete Top Commentator Award Pete (13)
  4. Twiztid Top Commentator Award Twiztid (11)
  5. LadyMorgana Top Commentator Award LadyMorgana (9)
  6. Masuimi Max Top Commentator Award Masuimi Max (7)
  7. AdolfoRT Top Commentator Award AdolfoRT (6)
  8. Morat Morat (2)
  9. Majikdewd Majikdewd (1)
  10. Terry Terry (1)