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42 photos: Morat | shirt: Pentagram Clothing / Peepshow Clothing | glasses: Vulgati | shoes: Hades

Hey look at that, Captain Chaos makes an appearance! We shot this before we left for Hawaii.. everyone is asleep right now so I thought I’d sneak an update in! Check out these glasses, they’re like bug eyes, I’ve never seen anything like them before. Also, my friend from Peepshow Clothing lives in Vegas now, she’s so much fun and a badass at cutting up tshirts.

How is everyone?

We shot a few sets in Hawaii that you’ll be seeing very soon. I was Vampirella yesterday! It was one of the very first photoshoots I did way back in the day, thought it was time to revisit it.

I have a few more shoots with Morat while we are here in Hawaii, I better go get ready now!