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53 photos: Morat | latex: Black Sheep Latex | latex necklace: Artwith Latex | lips: LOVE from I Am Sin | crown: Videnoir Couture | Pisces massage candle: Black Cake Clothing | talon ring: Heart of Bone

Did you know the word FETISH is banned on facebook and instagram? So is recent posts for hashtag BOOKS, lol! If you use either hashtag you’ll be shadowbanned, and if you use the word in your description you could get your account taken down.

So here’s a set that might break social media. Ha ha!

This was a fun and messy shoot, there was wax everywhere! It smelled so good too! It was great to reconnect with Kurt, I used to work with Artwith a lot when I lived in Dallas.

Well, enjoy the raunchy mess 😉