Dick Pics and The Flu


Hi guys!

I haven’t done a blog post in ages, figured it’s about damn time!

This past weekend was FULL of adventure. Our friends Lauren and Bill came over Saturday and we headed over to Derek’s birthday party on the other side of Vegas.. then we went to the Double Down. Sounds okay, right? 😉

The bar was so weird that night. A lot of my friends were there like Kalani and Ms Redd, but there were a ton of fights and everytime I went outside for fresh air (lot’s of cigarette smoke inside) Brian (works door at DD) had someone pinned to the ground waiting for the cops to show up. Which, I might add Derek is a cop but him and his friends were back at the house party, lol!

Morat and I ended up going to bed when the sun came up. Bad, tsk tsk.. we both said let’s be good.

Sunday, I promised I’d go to Bodhi’s birthday party, my first cat birthday party! He’s related to Captain Chaos, and their mother and other brothers and sisters were there too. I thought it’d be good to keep Captain social, unlike his step sister Skittles who hates everyone (except Morat and I). This sounded good when I wasn’t hung over and sleep deprived. My friend Aubree was at my house at 3pm to pick me up, but unfortunately I woke up at 5pm! I’m a terrible friend! After apologizing profusely I hopped in a uber and met them all there. Just in time to sing happy birthday and play with all the kitties.

Now, I have the FLU. BOOOOOO!!!! I spent all of Monday in my onesie snuggled with the kitties. Just woke up and told myself I need to get some work done today.