Diving For Pearls


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40 photos: Morat | location: The Dive (Las Vegas, NV)

First off you didn’t think I was done updating my site for the year, did you? 😉

Second.. you wouldn’t believe how many amateur photographers get in touch wanting to photograph me naked with pearls, it must be a thing! I decided to see what all the hype was about and tried out these pearl panties that are guaranteed to make you wet. I think the panties worked!

Lastly.. I’m going to get all content up as soon as possible because I can’t wait to show you my NEW BODY!!! In addition to adjusting my eating habits I’ve been training solid the last few months – I can really see the progress! I’ve come a long way since we shot this set, the fat is all muscle now! Don’t worry, I’m still a curvy girl I’m just more toned, my ass is higher and my skin is a little golden. You’ll see 😉