MASUIMI MAX is a neo-burlesque performer, alternative model, and owner/founder of I Am Sin cosmetics. In addition to partnering with Cali Care Group for her very own signature brand of craft products, she’s also a prop and costume designer, and does her own make up and hair for a lot of her shoots.

Her love for cosplay, fetish, and pin-up modeling has landed her the cover of over 100 publications, ranging from the mainstream (Maxim) to the alternative underground (Bizarre 8 times!) – and has been the spokeswoman for several companies.

You can also find her in numerous movies and music videos, including XXX State of the Union (Ice Cube, Xzibit), Gingerdead Man Vs Evil Bong, Miracle Worker (music video with Super Heavy + Mick Jagger), and as a contestant on the hit TV show Fear Factor.

If you’re a David Lynch fan, check out ‘Inland Empire’ for Masuimi’s mysterious blonde cameo.. with a feisty little monkey!


Marquis Magazine
“Masuimi is one of the top fetish models of all times, and I will always clear my calendar to shoot with her. The photos we do are the most fun and the most rewarding, and I’m looking forward to the crazy things we may be doing in the future. ;-)” – Peter W. Czernich, photographer and editor of MARQUIS magazine, Germany


“Her success in the industry paved the way for so many models that followed, but the story of her success is a classic tale of how hard work, talent and determination can overcome all challenges. Masuimi’s list of credits is so vast, with over 100 magazine covers and many more features, music videos, TV shows and movies, that it’s almost impossible to select a few highlights. She just launched her own makeup line, I Am Sin, and her website, Bad Max, has over 50,000 images!” – Model Mayhem


“Dita Von Teese and Masuimi Max.. They’ve been modeling and performing full time since the 1990’s. Their influence on current models is unquestioned and they’ve basically joined the ranks of Miss Page” – Sinical Magazine


“We are honored to have featured Masuimi Max in our magazine. Like Bettie Page before her, she has inspired a legion of alternative models to lace up a corset, pull on some stockings and slide into a pair of stilettos. Masuimi is a true “master of disguise” and often makes her own costumes and backgrounds, and is an accomplished fire performer and burlesque dancer. She is a true original in a sea full of copycats, and one of the few models that has made a career out of doing what she loves.” – Danny Stygion editor of Sinical Magazine


Masuimi Max is a true Bizarre icon, and one of the best models we’ve ever worked with on the magazine. Every shoot we’ve done with Masuimi has been a red-hot classic, and she’s now one of the best-loved models with Bizarre readers – in fact, as Masuimi’s such an inspirational figure, there are thousands of models across the globe who owe their career to her. If it weren’t for Masuimi, the world of alternative modeling would be a much less vibrant and exciting place. And, to top it all off, she’s incredibly good fun to be around, funny as hell, and full of great stories. Masuimi, Bizarre salutes you!” – David McComb editor of Bizarre Magazine


Masuimi Max is a performance artist and model who has inspired me to do some of my best work. Many of these paintings are in my book “American Geisha,” and she will be in my upcoming book “Malibu Cheesecake.” The way she contorts her body, making her look like a toy, is part of her unique style and energy. Joel and I love her. l will always be painting Masuimi Max! – Artist Olivia De Berardinis


Masuimi Max has incredible talent! Working with her is always such a pleasure, as she is a consummate professional and one of the most generous and kind people I know. Her ability to mold her body into any shape and pose, combined with her skill at conveying any emotion or character I need, has made Masuimi one of my foremost muses. She’s helped me to take my art to the next level and will always be one of my favorite models.” – Artist Nathalie Rattner


Masuimi Max has single handedly set the standard for up and coming alternative models. Masuimi has the innate ability to morph her image from one dynamic look to the next. It’s always an amazing experience when you shoot with Masuimi Max…. you never know what you’ll get. But it will be amazing… guaranteed. – Jonny Coffin, Coffin Case


Masuimi Max is an inspirational performance artist who elevates any project she is involved in. Hands down she is today’s top fetish model, yet her greatest strength is her diversity and ability to transcend beyond the fetish world. – Sean Cummings, Publisher, Alt Magazine


shannonMasuimi Max is one of my favorite people and models, ever. She is so positive, confident, and professional. I am a very lucky photographer to have such a great relationship with her. She has done so much for me over the years. – Shannon Brooke


I met Masuimi Max back in 2005 for a shoot, I had no idea what kind of model she was until all my girlfriends told me how jealous they were. Over the years we have shot a ton. She is every photographers dream model, as she understands her body, face and movements perfectly with a non-diva attitude. Just like hanging out with an awesome naked friend. I’m blessed to have so many great photos to share with everyone of Masuimi and hope to make 100′s more in the future. – Ellen Stagg, The Stagg Party


I’ve looked up to Masuimi since I was 17, I always loved her photos and her doll like looks. If you dont know who this girl is you are crazy. She is an original. – Raquel Reed


My name is Amber, I have been a huge fan of yours for quite some time…. You have actually been my inspiration to get into modeling. For many years, I figured that I couldn’t possibly become a respected high profile model, being as tattooed as I am; Thank you for letting ladies like myself know that it IS possible… Keep up the fabulous work, and perhaps I could offer you a drink or ten (lol) if ever up in Toronto Kind Regards,
Amber Van Zitamore

Masuimi, as crazy as this sounds, you really have been an inspiration to me. I was so afraid to just let go and be myself. Then, a couple of years ago, I met you at… was it the key club or whiskey? I was fucking waisted. But you were this bad ass who didn’t give a shit and I decided, “fuck it. She’s enjoying life being herself. I’m going to do it too, damn it!” And I let go after that. I’ve been happier and more comfortable in my skin that I ever have. This is my life and i had been trying to follow my parents and society’s rules. But all that changed after you said this- “It’s my time to rock, bitch!” And then you burped and started laughing. Been your fan ever since.

Hi Masuimi!
Hopefully you will get time to read this, I understand that you’re a very busy lady!! I just wanted to mail you and say that you are such an inspiration to me!!! I think you are wonderful! I totally look up to you!! Best Wishes Wendy Hughes
Jade Orchid

I am a glamour model here in the U.K. You are a true inspiration to me, I love lall your work, your look and your attitude. I haven’t been doing this for long, but I am already loving it. If I ever did a shoot with you, I would be so honoured! I love doing pin up style shoots and g/g especially :] Please please please have a look at my online portfolio. I haven’t had that many shoots, but I’m getting there! I aspire to be as famous and talented as you are one day.

“Why Masuimi is my favorite model: Give her a scene, and she takes it away. She is like a chameleon who can mesh in anything and completely make it her own. The way I have idolized women like Madonna in music, is the way I idolize Masuimi in modeling. These women cannot be held into one particular thing, makes it just too limiting. She is ultimate proof that you can be who you are, turn heads and yes, even shock. Masuimi is not only a woman of complete beauty and style, but a woman of substance and brains. I owe her tremendously for letting me find my own way. rock on MM!”
– Nicole Vasquez Ahumada

Hi Masuimi, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you have done, and why you’re an inspiration for my work. As a character concept artist I always find it difficult to find a model with good action poses. You my friend stand apart from all the rest of those simple I’m sexy pose models. I want to make characters that are gonna kick your ass. Anyway thank you so much for being an inspiration. As a favor I will be creating a character based on you in my own little fantasy world. It’s the least I can do for all the help you’ve unkowingly given me.


Magazine Covers

Featured on the cover of publications from around the world.

Femme Rebelle
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Book Covers

You'll find Masuimi on the cover of books ranging from photography to fiction.. and even lesbian erotica. There are quite a few with Masuimi wearing latex, or nothing at all! Ooo-la-la!

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CDs & DVDs

Masuimi is part of an unbalanced breakfast! She is the toon on the limited edition Unlucky Charms cereal box, and the leader of the stoner underworld on the side of the Weedies box - released by Full Moon Horror films. How cool is that?

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She's our calendar girl.. here are some of the calendars Masuimi has released over the years, and a few collaborations with others. Visit her official shop to purchase signed copies, you can even have the option of having every page signed!

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SUPERHEAVY – Music video for ‘Miracle Worker’, the single from Mick Jagger’s SuperHeavy – Collaboration with Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, and A. R. Rahman.

NEW FOUND GLORY – Radio Surgery


BUSH – Sound of Winter

KATRINA – Shame on Me

TIGER ARMY – Rose of the Devils Garden

UNLUCKY CHARMS – Full Moon Horror, Directed by Charles Band. Five girls vie for a chance to model diva Deedee DeVille’s fashion line, but they’re soon competing for their lives against four mythical beings, led by the mischievous Farr Darrig. Masuimi plays Mika, also featured on the cover of the DVD and she’s the cartoon on the limited edition cereal box!

GINGERDEAD MAN Vs. EVIL BONG – Full Moon Horror, Directed by Charles Band. The Gingerdead Man seeks revenge against Sarah Leigh for causing him to live his life in the body of a gingerbread man. Her only hope is to team up with Larnell who has problems of his own in the form of a magical talking bong named Eebee. Masuimi plays Uber Poontang Girl / Bikini Girl, and there is a stoner scene in the movie that features a WALL of Masuimi’s boobies!

METAL HAMMER GOLDEN GODS EVENT – VH1 and Scuzz TV. Masuimi presented The ‘Best Live Band’ award to Rammstein, and accepted it on their behalf because they were not able to attend. (2012)

METAL HAMMER GOLDEN GODS EVENT – VH1 and Scuzz TV. Masuimi presented The ‘Metal as Fuck’ award with Steel Panther to the band Evile. (2010)

G4TV – Adult Entertainment Expo ’10 episode airing on TV entire month of February, featuring Masuimi Max’s burlesque show at AVN and an interview.

Slumber Party Slaughterhouse – The Game (VG) …. Polaroid Dolly

Inland Empire – Directed by David Lynch….

Girls, Girls, Ghouls – The 3rd episode of the Mora Show “Girls, Girls, Ghouls” featuring Masuimi Max For a sneak peek check out Mora and get ready for some real “Rock & Roll” We’re talking music, girls, the works!

The Devil’s Muse – Burlesque star …. Directed by Ramzi Abed

XXX: State of the Union – Zeke’s (Xzibit) girlfriend …. Directed by Lee Tamahori …. International trailer | Superbowl TV spot

Upside Downtown – Amber…. Directed by Ramzi Abed

The Tunnel – Dream Girl…. Directed by Ramzi Abed

Cornman: American Vegetable Hero – The Fire Girl …. aka Cornman II: The Day of the Locusts (USA)

Here Lies Lonely – (1999) …. Natasha …. Directed by Bart Dorsa. (interesting fact) Before Masuimi used her real name, she tried different stage names.. One of her stage names when she started out was Natasha. Then she decided it would be better to use her real name and Natasha fizzled out. The character Masuimi plays in this movie was created after her!

Best Damn Sports Show – Oct 31st 2005, Trashy Lingerie Special

9 on the Town – October 29th 2004, Trashy Lingerie Special (channel 9 Los Angeles)

Fear Factor – April 5th 2004 on NBC (episode 425) Click here to read about it!

dvddisplaysmLiving Through Steve Diet Goedde” COVER “Masuimi Max is featured on the cover of the DVD anthology of master photographer Steve Diet Goedde. In addition to other top fetish models, Masuimi is featured extensively on this DVD collection in various animated slideshows and interviews.” – Steve Diet Goedde