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Masuimi has been painted by some of the most talented artists in the world; Nathalie Rattner, Ric Frane, Roland Millington, Tim Shay, Olivia De Berardinis.. and more. Featured as the cover art of the ‘American Geisha’ book, she is also the ‘Little Dragon’, ‘Red Dragon’, ‘Split Peach’ and many more artworks by Olivia.

Fan Art
All I Want for Christmas is You
Beware the Dragon
Hazy Days
Max II
Masuimi Meowx
Arachnes Entaglement
Masuimi Poppins :)
Mi Corazon
Red Lace Dragon
Bronze medal
Aeon Masuimi
B is for BadMax
Black veil
The Impalier
Detail from The Impalier
Masuimi Blonde
Masuimi Max Vector
BlackMajicWoman, by J.R. Martinez, @inkreytattoos Done in Charcoal
Masuimi Max II
Masuimi Max
Masuimi Max a la Team Pretty Feet™

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