“Masuimi’s list of credits is so vast, with over 100 covers and many more features, music videos, TV shows and movies, it’s almost impossible to select a few highlights.” (Model Mayhem)

“Dita Von Teese and Masuimi Max.. They’ve been modeling and performing full time since the 1990’s. Their influence on current models is unquestioned and they’ve basically joined the ranks of Miss Page” (Sinical Magazine)


Magazine Covers

Featured on the cover of publications from around the world.

Femme Rebelle

Book Covers

You'll find Masuimi on the cover of books ranging from photography to fiction.. and even lesbian erotica. There are quite a few with Masuimi wearing latex, or nothing at all! Ooo-la-la!


CDs & DVDs

Masuimi is part of an unbalanced breakfast! She is the toon on the limited edition Unlucky Charms cereal box, and the leader of the stoner underworld on the side of the Weedies box - released by Full Moon Horror films. How cool is that?

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She's our calendar girl.. here are some of the calendars Masuimi has released over the years, and a few collaborations with others. Visit her official shop to purchase signed copies, you can even have the option of having every page signed!


UNLUCKY CHARMS – Full Moon Horror, Directed by Charles Band. Five girls vie for a chance to model diva Deedee DeVille’s fashion line, but they’re soon competing for their lives against four mythical beings, led by the mischievous Farr Darrig. Masuimi plays Mika, also featured on the cover of the DVD and she’s the cartoon on the limited edition cereal box!

GINGERDEAD MAN Vs. EVIL BONG – Full Moon Horror, Directed by Charles Band. The Gingerdead Man seeks revenge against Sarah Leigh for causing him to live his life in the body of a gingerbread man. Her only hope is to team up with Larnell who has problems of his own in the form of a magical talking bong named Eebee. Masuimi plays Uber Poontang Girl / Bikini Girl, and there is a stoner scene in the movie that features a WALL of Masuimi’s boobies!

METAL HAMMER GOLDEN GODS EVENT – VH1 and Scuzz TV. Masuimi presented The ‘Best Live Band’ award to Rammstein, and accepted it on their behalf because they were not able to attend. (2012)

METAL HAMMER GOLDEN GODS EVENT – VH1 and Scuzz TV. Masuimi presented The ‘Metal as Fuck’ award with Steel Panther to the band Evile. (2010)

G4TV – Adult Entertainment Expo ’10 episode airing on TV entire month of February, featuring Masuimi Max’s burlesque show at AVN and an interview.

Slumber Party Slaughterhouse – The Game (VG) …. Polaroid Dolly

Inland Empire – Directed by David Lynch….

Girls, Girls, Ghouls – The 3rd episode of the Mora Show “Girls, Girls, Ghouls” featuring Masuimi Max For a sneak peek check out Mora and get ready for some real “Rock & Roll” We’re talking music, girls, the works!

The Devil’s Muse – Burlesque star …. Directed by Ramzi Abed

XXX: State of the Union – Zeke’s (Xzibit) girlfriend …. Directed by Lee Tamahori …. International trailer | Superbowl TV spot

Upside Downtown – Amber…. Directed by Ramzi Abed

The Tunnel – Dream Girl…. Directed by Ramzi Abed

Cornman: American Vegetable Hero – The Fire Girl …. aka Cornman II: The Day of the Locusts (USA)

Here Lies Lonely – (1999) …. Natasha …. Directed by Bart Dorsa. (interesting fact) Before Masuimi used her real name, she tried different stage names.. One of her stage names when she started out was Natasha. Then she decided it would be better to use her real name and Natasha fizzled out. The character Masuimi plays in this movie was created after her!

Best Damn Sports Show – Oct 31st 2005, Trashy Lingerie Special

9 on the Town – October 29th 2004, Trashy Lingerie Special (channel 9 Los Angeles)

Fear Factor – April 5th 2004 on NBC (episode 425) Click here to read about it!

dvddisplaysmLiving Through Steve Diet Goedde” COVER “Masuimi Max is featured on the cover of the DVD anthology of master photographer Steve Diet Goedde. In addition to other top fetish models, Masuimi is featured extensively on this DVD collection in various animated slideshows and interviews.” – Steve Diet Goedde



SUPERHEAVY – Music video for ‘Miracle Worker’, the single from Mick Jagger’s SuperHeavy – Collaboration with Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, and A. R. Rahman.

NEW FOUND GLORY – Radio Surgery


BUSH – Sound of Winter

KATRINA – Shame on Me

TIGER ARMY – Rose of the Devils Garden

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