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Take a look at your browser’s address bar. See that lock icon next to the URL? We’ve made the switch to HTTPS. A lock icon and an extra “s” in our web address may not look like a big deal, but they represent a huge upgrade, one that fundamentally transforms the security of our site.

What is HTTPS? In simple terms, visiting an HTTPS site rather than a regular old HTTP site protects you against an array of malicious activities, including site forgery and content alteration.

How Exactly Does HTTPS Work, and Why Is It Important?
When visiting a correctly configured and maintained HTTPS site, you can expect three things: authenticity, integrity, and encryption.

1.) The authenticity protection means that the site that loads is confirmed to be the site you intended to visit. When you go to the new and improved HTTPS version of, your browser will verify our site to ensure you’re seeing and not a forgery. (This might sound crazy, but hackers can easily replace real HTTP websites or pages with fake ones.)

2.) The integrity protection means that the data transferred between BadMax’s server and your browser has not been altered. Now that we have switched to HTTPS, if someone tries to tamper with BadMax content before your browser receives it, your browser will issue a warning.

3.) The encryption protection means no one can spy on content as it travels from our server to your browser. If someone is trying to surveil that content, it will be unintelligible to them.

Like any other website, this website uses log files to store certain data. Information found in a log file includes information about user visits to our page, such as IP address, the type of browser used, your internet service provider, time and date stamps of your visits, number of clicks and page views, and referring and exit pages. This information helps us better understand our user demographic and keep the sites programs and scripts up to date.

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