Masuimi headlines events all over the world with her creative stage shows and travels often for her photoshoots, model coaching, workshops and other projects. She has been all over the US, Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Spain, Switzerland.. more to come!

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Mary Popsout

Practically perfect in every way! This is Mary Poppins as you've never seen her before! Mary Pops Out! Gliding on to the stage in a full latex costume to the gloriously naughty cover of My Favourite Things by Christa Hughes, Masuimi is a sweet as a spoonful of sugar. She teases her audience with a smile and perhaps a glimpse of stockings... Like Poppins said herself, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.”

But as Poppins also said, “Anything can happen if you let it!” Although she probably wasn't expecting what happens next!

Midway through the first song, those latex bloomers come off, followed by the rest of the Poppins costume, underneath which Masuimi is a cheerleader like no other, clad in the tiniest of latex miniskirts and dancing to Mob Scene by Marilyn Manson. Perhaps Julie Andrews would approve; she did once flash her boobs, after all.

But well begun is half done!

To the tune of Venom's highly inappropriate In League With Satan, Masuimi is joined on stage by some scantly-clad ladies who bathe her in red wine, cavorting and kissing and, well, as Poppins said, “You can close your mouth! We are not codfish!” Clearly this is not a show for the feint of heart. It's super-sexy-most outrageous-hardly any clothes on!

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Black Widow vs Human Fly

Arachnophobes beware!

Or perhaps not...

After all, doesn't your heart race a little when you see one of those eight-legged nightmares creepy-crawling your way? And this is no nightmare, but your heart will race all the same.

For her Black Widow/Human Fly routine, Masuimi Max takes to the stage to Rob Zombie's Dragula, on her one-of-a-kind motorised chair, part spider, part fetishists dream, each of her eight legs wearing high-heeled ballet boots that are a danger in themselves. Dressed in black, she rides around with legs twitching in all directions, marching to the beat of the song. It's creepy and hot at the same time, and it only gets hotter as Masuimi begins to undress, captivating her audience, drawing them deeper into her web.

As the song fades, she climbs from the chair – yes, she can actually dance in those boots! – and the spider becomes the fly, an altogether more playful creature, shaking her assels to the Cramps Human Fly, with all eyes upon more ways than one. Suddenly there are eyes on her ass, eyes on her boobs, and the fly buzzes , buzz, buzz, buzz, tantalising and titillating like no other show on earth.

And now your heart's racing and it has nothing to do with spiders!


© 2010-present. This show debuted in 2010 and was revamped in 2016 for her performance at the Fetish and Fantasy Ball held at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, NV. 50 photos by Morat featured in the Vault.

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Red Spider

Hidden behind beautiful red wings, Masuimi emerges onto the stage to the aptly named, seductive sounds of Paranormal Activity by Lords Of Acid, a simple movement captivating her audience as she stands, not on tiptoe but on point, like a ballerina. Slowly she draws back the wings to reveal that not only is she doing something that takes years of training (and making it look easy!), but she is doing so blindfolded! Further revealed is a one of a kind bodysuit and cage skirt, designed – as were the wings – by Charismatico, and what appear to be large spiders clinging to her head, all in the most vivid red. She barely has to move in order to mesmerize to crowd, but, well, that's not the Masuimi way...

As the song picks up pace, she performs outrageous back bends and acts of contortion – it helps being naturally double-jointed – before switching back and forth between playful and perhaps just a little mysterious.

But that's not where the mystery ends...

As the second song kicks in, those big, red spiders on her head appear to have moved of their own accord, becoming pasties that bounce on her boobs, and then somehow sticking to her butt as that, too, bounces and gyrates. By now, Masuimi is wearing little else, so it's a good thing these spiders seem to be under her are the audience.


© 2015-present. Photos by Morat - from Masuimi's performance at the Bike and Tattoo show held in Montreal, Canada.

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Snake Charmer

I start off as a sultry snake.. then I peel the snake costume off to reveal my Cleopatra costume, then I strip it all off and bathe in gold.

Music: Snake Charmer by Randall Standridge and Reptile by NIN

I made the entire snake costume and 10 foot snake prop.. and Morat filmed the madness. It was madness for 3 days, strings and bits of fabrics everywhere, and my cat rolling around in it all. My sewing machine died after I made the last stitch. Talk about timing!

Snake Charmer
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Inspired by the movie ‘Secretary’, debuted NYE 2012 at the Riviera Resort & Spa Grand Ballroom!

This show starts with Coz I luv You by Slade, I'm sitting, blindfolded, and attached to a separator bar with my back facing the audience.. then I stand up and strut across the stage (blindfolded).. then magically I balance the bar vertically on the stage.. I then strip out of my shirt and place it on top of the bar.. the second song is performed to Shakin All Over with my assels!

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Fire Shows

My first stage show was with fire! I've done a lot of different themes with fire, costumes, music, and props vary depending on the event.

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Debuted at the BLACK UNICORN -VS- BONDAGEL BALL event held at the Dragonfly in Hollywood on September 20, 2013. I made the panier from scratch, everything from bending, shaping, cutting, adding snaps.. I also made the skirt and customized the corset and lingerie. Also featured in this show is a 'magic box' that I made to showcase different themes. It switches from a fancy red and gold theme to a beautiful garden of Eden. This show consists of 4 songs; Libertango by Grace Jones, Murder in the Graveyard by Screaming Lord Sutch, Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie and A Place In Time by Amanda Abizaid. The first song I hand out flowers to the audience. Second song I take off my skirt to reveal the panier with hidden skeleton bones. Third song I take most of my costume off. Fourth song I go back into the magic box and spin it around to reveal the garden of Eden.. complete with a sparkling apple! Inspired by one of my favorite films - Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

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Booty Twirl

The Original - Booty Twirl Assels Show © 2010

Show starts off with ‘Booty Swing’ the fun, energetic song by Parlov. I am wearing my huge fluffy white hair with bunny ears by the Velvet Village and corset by Jupiter Moon 3 (customized with pearls and swarovski crystals by me) – I make my entrance, dance and prance – and then.. BAM! I lift my skirt and start spinning my ass-tassles! The first song is full of energy, I dance and strip out of my costume and I even take off my white wig just in time for my second song to start! The mood of the show changes, the second song is slower and sexier. My hair is long and dark and I’m only wearing pasties, panties and my crystal necklace.. and then I end up wearing a lot of milk! See for yourselves!

Full size photos and videos are featured in the Members area.

Performed in London (England), Calgary (Canada), Vancouver (Canada), Perth (Australia), Barcelona (Spain), Hollywood (California) and Chicago (Illinois), New York (NY), Ft. Lauderdale (Florida), San Antonio (Texas), Phoenix (Arizona), Boston (Massachusetts)..

*(Corset by Jupiter Moon 3, Swarovski crystals added by Masuimi)

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Unicorn vs Pegasus

I start off as a fancy unicorn and turn into a pegasus when I reveal my white feather fans.

My first song is Ride a White Horse by Goldfrapp and my second song is Mysterious Ways by KMFDM

This show debuted at the Jupiter Moon 10th anniversary event held at Korova in San Antonio on Saturday, September 17, 2011.

I created this costume.. slaved over it for days. Even got a crystal embedded into my foot and had to finish making the costume soaking my foot in salt water to help draw it out.

Performed in New York, London, Florida, San Antonio, Phoenix, Boston, Calgary, Vancouver, Hollywood and Chicago

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Black Widow vs Human Fly

Black Widow spider chair © 2010 Masuimi Max

I envisioned a black widow chair with fetish ballet boots.. so I found mannequins with approx. the same size legs as mine, and attached them to a tiny chair, with space for me to sit in the front. I bought 4 pairs of ballet boots, one pair for me to wear and the rest for my extra legs! I envisioned the legs moving, so I asked my friend Tony from Sword and Stone to help. He’s a real blacksmith and does amazing work. He attached my extra legs to the chair with hinges, so I could lift them up and down. The show starts off with me sitting in the chair, moving all of the legs, including mine, up and down.. then I get up and dance a bit, before revealing that I’m actually the Human Fly (love the Cramps!) when I take the spider costume off. My fly wings pop open and I display my giant fly eyeballs that were previously hidden in my hair. I end the show sitting in my chair, pretending to be a spider again, but this time I’m in pasties and tiny underwear.

Music: More Human Than Human by White Zombie and Human Fly by the Cramps

Performed in Barcelona, San Antonio, Phoenix, Chicago, Boston, Calgary, San Francisco, New York, and Portland

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"Electric Barbarella" by Duran Duran plays as the stage lights shine down on a mysterious mid size box. Masuimi emerges out of the box in a robotic fashion and starts to dance. She pulls out a makeshift vacuum out of the box and begins cleaning the stage in a teasing fashion to the audience. The music shifts to "You Gotta Burn" by the Dwarves. A beautiful girl dressed in red comes onto the stage and tempts Max to bite into a forbidden apple. Beginning Masuimi's transformation , her clothes fall to the floor, and her hair changes from bouncy Barbie blonde, to luscious raven locks. Masuimi comes to life in human form, and is allured to be intimate with the girl who forced her to the forbidden fruit. An erotically dressed woman in a cop uniform ends the performance by arresting them both.

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Good Vibrations

The Good Vibrations Show made its first appearance in 2008. "Good Vibrations" by Psychic TV begins the show echoing of Hawaiian tones corresponding to Masuimi costumed in a grass skirt and leigh. Masuimi is accompanied by a fog machine for ambience and a tiki bathtub with twenty coconut drinks hidden within. The light hearted nature of the show calls for a slow sensual dance routine, as she playfully throws the leighs into the audience. Things start to heat up as she begins to tantalize the audience taking off her grass skirt baring herself in a mere bikini. With the signal of Harry Nilsson's "Put the Lime In the Coconut", Masuimi lights her torches and enthralls the audience in her fire solo. The show simmers down as Masuimi empties her tiki tub for her final act, she passes out Malibu Rum in coconut cups to the audience. Masuimi leaves the audience with a final vision of her immersing herself in a lavish hot bath.

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Milk Show

This show made its debut in 2004 for the Torture Garden Event in Japan. Masuimi starts the show as she draws the audience in with her trademark execution of configuring her body in sensual profiles on the stage platform. Music of Massive Attack or Reverend Horton Heat sets the atmosphere for her dark attire in a black or white latex cat suit attached with matching latex stockings. The audience is in for surprise when she suddenly cuts the latex off.

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Kali on Fire

This show debuted at a Pinup Girl Clothing event. Curtains open to reveal Masuimi with 4 arms, the arms dancing in a smooth unison. Masuimi is dressed to embody the goddess Kali. Blue body paint is glazed upon her skin with gold rhinestone jewelry resting on her body. A doll head necklace around her neck, is in place of the common depiction of Kali's necklaces of human skulls in mythic artwork. Masuimi shows impressive forms of flexibility in doing a backbend with no use of her hands, or hands tied. Her stretch converts to another pose sliding to the ground or to a standing pose. Masuimi and her partner dance in a synchronicity with fire fans and feed each other lit torches. In perfect alignment of Rob Zombie's "Blood, Milk, Sky", the show concludes with both dancers drinking followed by pouring milk and red wine on one another.

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Tub of Fire

This show was first unveiled in her performance for the title Miss Dallas & Ft. Worth in 1999. Masuimi won! Max brought her vision to life by inserting fire proof wicking and lighter fluid in a cut metal tub, originally having been an animal feeder. The finished effect was exactly what the Max had dreamed of, Masuimi emerging in a ring of fire.
The curtains open to reveal Masuimi perched on a chair. Masuimi impels the crowd to the music of "Gold Finger". She strips out of her suit down to her lingerie, following with acts of curving her shapely figure with an emphasis on her sock garters. Masuimi pulls a member from the audience to drink wine off her toe as finishes the act in pouring it down her body.

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